Your first visit to BlueChip Spine will give you an opportunity to meet the doctors and staff with no commitments attached. This will allow you the ability to learn more about our approach and see if our services can help you. Our Doctors will provide a thorough case history and examination on your initial visit to make sure that your condition can be improved through the services provided at BlueChip Spine & Sports Specialists, LLC. Same day treatment will ensue providing you and the doctors agree on the most logical approach.

A review of your findings will be conducted in great detail on your following visit along with any therapeutic recommendations your condition may necessitate.

Our Doctors specialize in state of the art soft tissue treatments utilizing many forms of myofascial/manual therapy. As such, we also believe firmly in the natural healing process provided by chiropractic adjustments and work diligently to help restore the proper function of your body with gentle adjustments when needed.

Our Doctors are trained to focus on soft tissue distortions that restrict muscle movement patterns and ultimately affect your optimal physical potential.

Combinations of modern methods in rehabilitation, therapeutic treatments and nutritional guidance are also used to compliment your ailments.

You can be well assured that your experience at BlueChip Spine will be pleasant and greatly beneficial to your health!

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