Post/Pre Surgical Treatment.

Upon completion of his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, and a 4-month rotation providing chiropractic and manual therapy treatments to patients in Mexico City, Mexico, Dr. Hummel became the first Chiropractic Fellow at the world-renowned Texas Back Institute’s – Chiropractic Spine Fellowship program. During his fellowship year, under the guidance of Dr. Darran Marlow, Dr. Hummel was responsible for weekly clinical treatment hours, research projects, medical presentations, surgical and injection observation hours, as well as physical therapy assistance. His vast training and observation hours in the operating room, with orthopedic surgeons and their patients, gives him a clinical understanding few Chiropractors get to experience when it comes to the complete cycle a patient goes through pre- and post-surgery.

In addition to the access of post-surgical patients he was able to work with, and the countless hours in the facility’s cadaver lab throughout the year, Dr. Hummel was also congruently being mentored by one of the most well respected A.R.T. Elite Providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Dr. Troy Van Biezen. The combination of these post graduate experiences helped shape a more thorough process of developing the skills necessary to address soft tissue distortions and promote quicker, more complete recovery for his patients.

Tissue, in a sense, will ‘heal’ with time after surgery, or injury. But, the tissue will often heal ‘distorted’. Whether it is a grade 1, or 2 sprain/strain of the low back, or ankle, or a complete knee reconstruction, you can rest assured the BlueChip Spine team has the clinical skill and experience necessary to assist in the soft tissue healing process.

If you are already scheduled for a specific surgery, the BlueChip Spine approach will help prepare the tissue prior to surgery in order to help ensure a quicker, more complete recovery.

If you have questions concerning your pre/post-surgical healing process, or want to see if you may possibly be a candidate, please email, or call the office to discuss treatment options and scheduling. (316.733.8338)